Company Profile
Vegetables and fruits are of course vital for the life of human beings, but also our hearts and souls are greatly enriched by being able to see green trees and multicolored flowers. Nature has blessed us who are living on this earth with an imeplaceable, wonderful gift.Today, never before have we witnessed such a growth in the Ecology Movement. It must be because as the twenty first Century approaches, we are beginning to realize how important nature is to us.From the very beginning our company the Nanto Seed Company has been reserching and dedicating itself totally to this field, trying to refine existing seeds and developing new techniques of geowing for newly invented seeds.Among these we have produced several products.We are also now, not only conoctrating on our domestic Market but looking overseas for new Markets.From the very early days, we used several types of high technology including Biotechnology which was approved by the Agricultural Mioistry.In the future we are planning to make products which will anticipate our customer's needs. We hope we can devote ourselves to the good for society, designing what the agricultural field should be best like.This is our vision of the Nanto Seed Company in the world.
Brief History
1890 Aug: Nanto Seed Co,.Ltd established in Nara-Pref, for manufacturing and distributing vegetable seeds
1951 June: Moved head office to Kashihara City
1969 May: The company's capital increased to \10 million
1970 Oct: Asuka test farm opened for developing Hybrid Vegetable Seeds
1977 Apr: The company's capital increased to \20 million
1979 Feb: Granted the patent for Hear-Dry Phytosanitary Method for Seeds
1981 June: Head office newly constructed
1985 May: Jointed the Ministry of Agriculture and Fleshry Agricultural Technical institute for developing Biotechnology for Hybrid Seeds investigation
1989 June: Built warehouse